Climbing on Kalymnos Part 1: Good vibes and returning to old projects

Climbing on Kalymnos Part 1: Good vibes and returning to old projects

Climbing on Kalymnos Part 1: Good vibes and returning to old projects 1920 1652 Matilda Söderlund

After the trip that I organized with Emma I stayed a couple of extra days to climb and just enjoy Kalymnos together with Alex and Andrea. Holy moly, we had so much fun and really MAXIMIZED our days. We came up with new adventures every day and it almost fet like we were kids in a giant playground haha. This is the first blog about those days 🙂

Photo by Alexander Ryden

Returing to some of the classics (Gaia 8b, Racomelo 8b and Nadir 8b+)

During my last trip on Kalymnos I had tried two of the classic 8bs for one day each: Gaia and Racomelo. I was excited to return to them to see how they would feel. I know I wasn’t in a particularly good shape when I tried them last time but WOW, it was so cool to see and feel the difference now. Racomelo I did on my second try and what I struggled with last year felt like a piece of cake now haha.

Andrea and Alex wanted to take a restday so I met up with the Swiss machine Roger Schaeli to try to finish off Gaia. I had checked out the moves and ut up the draws and I knew that I should be able to send it but this day I felt really tired in my body. I needed some extra boost and good vibes. Alex and Andrea was hanging out on the beach so I started a video call with them and placed my phone on a rock so they could watch and cheer me on haha. Thanks for cheering me on to the top guys!

Live broadcasting from Gaia to the beach

I had heard about Nadir, a beautiful 8b+ on the Odyssey sector. The line is just super appealing, 35 m of technical climbing with a crimpy crux in the middle (yummy). I put up my draws and checked out the moves and quickly find a beta that suited me. I made one try but fell in the crux. Since it was my third day on I decided to save my energy and try to send it the day after.

The next morning we got to the crag early, it was me, Alex, Andrea and Cesar, who is a film maker/photographer from New York. We were there alone so Andrea put on our theme song of the trip: Min piraya Maja by Electric Banana Band haha. Climbing felt super good and I sent Nadir, probably the funniest song I’ve sent a route to. Cesar actually got the whole thing on video (with drone too) so it might be a little something coming out soon… stay tuned!

Nadir 8b+

Overall I feel like I’m having a really good feeling on the wall and like I’m more stable on grades that I have never been before. It feels like all the training is really paying off and that I’m starting to break into a new level in my climbing, very cool. Also mentally I’m much stronger than what I’ve been before and I feel like I have a great confidence on the wall. So motivated to train for the next projects and adventures!

Photo by Aldwin Ibanez

During these days we stayed at the guys at Fatolitis Studios. Thanks for having us!

Photo by Alexander Ryden

Photo by Alexander Ryden