Climbing on Kalymnos part 2: Giant spiders and multipitch adventure

Climbing on Kalymnos part 2: Giant spiders and multipitch adventure

Climbing on Kalymnos part 2: Giant spiders and multipitch adventure 4909 3273 Matilda Söderlund

After the trip that I organized with Emma I stayed a couple of extra days to climb and just enjoy Kalymnos together with Alex and Andrea. Holy moly, we had so much fun and really MAXIMIZED our days. We came up with new adventures every day and it almost fet like we were kids in a giant playground haha. This is the second blog about those days and it’s about two of the adventures we did 🙂

Matilda Above Aegean Seas

Matilda Söderlund above the aegean seas. On of the 4000 climbing routes. above the aegean seas. On of the 4000 climbing routes. Imagine this, you could climb a new route, every day for 10 years. Well your body would probably need some rest. Let’s say you try a new route, every second day for more than 22 years 😬 On a restday you could swim and search for wild dolphins in the sea 🐬 Hands up if you wanty to go there#Kalymnos

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Spider cave

I took a (well needed) restday on the last day of KalyDreamTrip to be able to climb all of the remaining five days that I had. Normally I don’t climb five days in a row on a trip but I really wanted to make the most of the time hehe… The first climbing day Alex and I went to check out a sector that neither of us had been to called Nikoleta. It was shaed like two caves and had 7 routes between 7b+ – 8a+. I thought it would be a fun challenge to try to climb them all in an afternoon. It started out well, I ticked off  7b+, 7c and 8a+. Little did we know that from here on things would start going south…


When Alex was climbing the next 7b+ we started noticing more and more spiders. We should have understood the situation when we had to clean the start of the route from spiders and spider webs… And we’re not talking about cute little spiders, these things had a body the size of a one-Euro coin and fat legs. I’ve never been afraid of spiders but OMG, I almost panicked when I was climbing the next route – as I was getting closer to the anchors I noticed that a spider with a body the size of a golf ball (!!!) had built a web between two bushed just above the anchors of my route. The spider was walking back and forth, like on a slackline, between the bushes (hehe). Hell no, I’m not going up there. So I traversed into another route, only to realize that the anchors on this route was also packed with giant spiders. Only one thing to do: BAIL. We cleaned the routes and packed up our things as fast as possible…

Panicking haha…

Multi pitch adventure with Alex

On the last day of the trip I felt like a total wreck after climbing so many days in a row. We decided to do an easy multi pitch to practice and prepare for more adventures in the summer. It was fun to switch things up a little and do something that I’m not used and is challenging in a different way.

This is where we climbed

The second to last pitch 🙂

The route that we did was 145 m long and graded 6c+, perfect for us to practice rope handling and efficiency. I forgot to bring a wind jacket so I got soooooo cold on the last pitch. It took med 45 min of walking in the sun to get warm again haha… Rookie mistake haha

At the top!!