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Together with one of my best friends – photographer and adventurer Emma Svensson – I hosted a trip to Kalymnos the last week in May. It was the first time we worked together on a project like this and for me it was the first time organizing a trip (Emma has done it frequently in the past years through her company Fotoresor). It was an incredible week and I’m so happy about how the trip turned out!

Climbing on a beautiful sector called The Beach.  

We had guests from Sweden, Germany and the US. Emma took photos and was head of logistics, I was responsible for the climbing and coaching. The week consisted of tons of climbing, after-climb on the beach, yoga, amazing food, sunset photo-shoots and much more… The proper Kaly experience!

BBQ at Pirate Beach!

This view…

Sunset climbing and photo shoot

Yoga with Andrea <3

Alex lowering in style 🙂

It was SO inspiring to see everyone push their own limits and climb with more and more confidence every day. The  determination and fighting spirit was contagious haha! It was cool to be able to share some of my experience and knowledge with other people, this is something I hope to be doing more of in the future. 

Kaly Dream Trip 2019

It was amazing to share the week on this little paradise island with people from different countries with different backgrounds and experiences. All brought together by a common interest – climbing. To see everyone connect and find similarities and common grounds way beyond climbing, create memories and build friendships was powerful. So I also want to say thank you to all the participants, Alex (best mood manager ever) and Andrea (coach and amazing human being), you are all wonderful people! Thank you for making #KalyDreamTrip2019 unforgettable. Already strated planning the next one…

Emma, I’m so proud of us for making this happen and I couldn’t imagine a better partner in crime <3